Faratel has been established in 1973 and company has been named Faratel which is derived from two words "Farad" and "Telephone". In this year Faratel manufactured Telebox as the first product and the second one was a device to lock dialing zero.

In 1975 electronic multi line telephone was designed and produced by Faratel then the concession of product was granted to France Burfon Company.

In 1976 Faratel produced "Fara Magic" as the first Uninterruptible Power Supply in Iran which had great acceptance from banks and economic organizations of that time.

For protecting refrigerators, televisions and all the electronic devices Faratel produced Automatic Voltage Regulators in the power from 400W to 6KW-and In 1977 Faratel put them on the market and the usage of it had been extremely common.

By then Faratel initiated producing Amplifiers called "Mac 180" in the kind of Public Address to amplify sound then manufactured Digital Eco 180W which was extendable to 2000W. From 1986 initiated producing Static Switch stabilizer in both single phase and three phase models up to 17KW to protect sensitive equipments, hospital equipments and digital systems.

According to Faratel's great experiences and knowledge about AC line and its details, decided to produce Ferroresonant experimentally in the 1994. It is noticeable that technology of advance Ferroresonant UPS first was offered by Faratel in Iran and it made Faratel the third country in the world after America and Germany as manufacturer of Ferroresonant UPS.

After extreme acceptance of Ferroresonant UPS, Faratel produced this UPS in different power from 1000VA to 5000VA for mass production. High quality and accuracy of Ferroresonant UPS lead Faratel to achieve confirmation and verification of different technological centers and universities such as Sharif university of Technology, K.N.Toosi university of Technology, official expert organization, telecommunication of Iran and etc.

Since usage of PC has increased, in 1998 Faratel initiated producing Smart UPS in power from 430VA to 1250VA and after this all the UPSs has been equipped with smart micro-processing system and in 1999 micro-processing Ferroresonant was produced.

While manufacturing UPS, Faratel in 1995 initiated designing and performing UPS management software which has been equipped with new facilities and up to date technologies gradually. This software with individual features has the ability of controlling and monitoring UPS remotely.

Production of line-interactive UPS started at the first month of 2001 and at the third season of 2001 production of Double Conversion in kind of Transform-less technology was started.

Faratel gained the ISO9001:2000 certificate from MIC Company and now with the customer satisfaction manage system based on ISO10002 try to increase satisfactory of its customers.

At the beginning of thirty sixth year of its establishment, Faratel awarded as exemplary unit of industrial at the 2008. This award that is given by Industry and Mine minister on industry and mine day (the 30th of 2008) is evidence of successful management and serious effort of its employees to have more efficiency.

In 2009, Faratel is introduced and awarded as exemplary manufacturer by ministry of labour and social affairs.

Faratel has 430 employees that 135 of them have B.S and M.S from valid internal universities and the average of employees' age is 26 years.

Nowadays over than 2 million AVRs and STBs of Faratel are accessible for houses and companies and also more than 200 thousand UPSs have been used in banks, economic organizations,insurance organizations, information centers and etc.

Faratel has more than 80 representatives of support after sales all over Iran and also for increasing technical information and abilities of its representatives hold training classes for them.

Now 8500m2 of Faratel environment is allocated for manufacturing and it will be developed.