Introduction of Product

Faratel Digital Smart Sine UPS series are designed based on line-Interactive technology and can provide pure sine wave in output independent of input AC line even in power failure.

Faratel DSS series are equipped with smart micro-processing system to check for proper operation of UPS and find probable errors in any part of that.

DSS series are designed for Computer systems, medical devices, Telecommunication or any other power sensitive devices.


يوپي‌اس لاين اينتر اکتيو DSS
يوپي‌اس لاين اينتر اکتيو DSS	يوپي‌اس لاين اينتر اکتيو DSS
  • Regulation and stabilization of power line voltage
  • Intelligent microprocessor controlled
  • Ability to work with Generator
  • Equipped with Watchdog System
  • Ability to work in frequencies ±3HZ or ±5HZ
  • Ability to remove EMI and RFI Noises
  • Power Factor Correction
  • System modulated for better and easy Servicing
  • Low weight and size
  • Includes Switch mode Charger
  • Equipped with Smart RS232 port
  • Equipped with Smart USB Port
  • Includes UPSwing Pro software for controlling and monitoring UPS, auto saving open files and shutdown OS and UPS in critical events
  • Contains Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Includes Test Button for checking if UPS working properly in lack of AC line Voltage
  • Cold Start
  • Ability to add UPS Device Managers as SNMP Cards
  • Lightning surge protection
  • Load Protection against two-phased AC line
  • Overheat protection
  • Protection of UPS Loads against two phased AC line
  • Protection against output Voltage Variations out of range
  • Protection against Input Voltage and Frequency Variations
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Common Mode Noise Protection
  • Charger Short circuit Protection
  • Protection against over-discharge
  • Back Feed Protection on Battery Mode
  • Protection against Upper Battery Charger Voltage
  • Tel/Fax/Modem/Network surge suppression
Audio Alarms
  • Battery Mode (Power Failure)
  • Over Load
  • Earth Fault
  • Site Wiring Fault (Earth & Null)
  • Over Heat
Visual Alarms
  • Input Voltage or Frequency Variations out of range